Did you do something and now you’ve lost your boyfriend and you don’t know how to get him back?

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve lost somebody and I wanted to get them back so badly it hurt. I just didn’t know how to get them back. It doesn’t matter what you did or what even what they did. You can always get your ex boyfriend back if you want to.

There are 2 secret techniques that you can easily learn and apply. These will give you the highest chance of winning your ex back. When you lose your boyfriend for whatever reason you both retreat and then if you see each other you come out fighting. You both are acting from emotionally very negative positions. It doesn’t have to be that way for you any more.

What are the secrets?

1. The Law of Attraction. It isn’t just one technique or think it the way you want it. It is a whole collection of technique put together. Using them correctly and completely you can attract anything into your life.

Even if you don’t think it is possible right now. (That is just one of your current beliefs).

2. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT lets you dissolve your own negative emotions and beliefs towards you, your ex boyfriend and anybody else who may have contributed to your current situation.

Once you let go of your own negative emotions you’ll start to act, talk and behave differently. When you do, the world around you, including your boyfriend acts differently too.

Warning: When you apply both of these secrets to your life, it will not be just your relationship that changes.

Getting you ex boyfriend to come back into your life and ultimately falling in love with you again is actually pretty easy. It happens all the time, so why isn’t it happening for you?

Are you still holding on to all the negative things that went on between you during and probably after your relationship? You need to let these go. That doesn’t mean forgive and forget. It means letting go of your emotional attachment to the events.

Anything and everything only has meaning when you add emotion to it. The longer you hold onto all this negative emotion, the harder it will be for you to find love again.

10 Responses to “I’ve Lost My Ex Boyfriend and I Don’t Know How to Get Him Back”

  • Marshal:

    Dilemma: I’ve been with my boyfriend for 14 several weeks, have forfeit a lot of my buddies along the way and for that reason don’t have any someone to spend time with except my boyfriend. Therefore it is me and him, but I am miserable. I really like him, but it is very hard to become happy. I can not dump him, because I’m going to be so lonely I’ll just die.

    My ex and “my first” (love and first sex) has been around touch beside me, we have been “text-teasing” but haven’t met up. I’m not sure the way i will feel once I am with him, but I am scared which i may wish to cheat. I’m so incredibly drawn to him from before.

    You are able to proceed and call me names and call us a skank, however i will not help generate income feel. Maybe you have scammed and have you be sorry? Or are you currently scammed on?

    I am attempting to convince myself to avoid this but I am really inside a dilemma. Call me selfish, however i can not be alone either.


  • Cole:

    Hi : ) I’ve an old boyfriend problem. We’re now split up.. it has been 2 several weeks now. I see him in school almost everyday. I believe my old boyfriend lost his mind because he’s attempting to be friend beside me for only two several weeks. For instance, I had been speaking to my closest friend (a man and my ex knows him too), my ex came and became a member of us speaking. Initially, me and my closest friend both thought he’d leave soon, but my ex eventually sitting lower and spoken to all of us till i made a reason and left(he never has been doing that before because we split up). Even my closest friend believed that was very strange to complete. I am talking about case an example, you will find more. so we came to the conclusion he desires to be friend beside me.

    however,, i’d rather not be friend with him … he split up beside me and.. it’s his loss… and 2nd will still be awkward though i actually do say hi and act awesome and happy around him.. It almost provides me with false hope he still likes me. i do not such as this situation. i had been almost prepared to move ahead, and today he’s holding me back. how must i act and think so i’m not trapped through the false hope anymore? :’( help~~ and that i really don’t wish to be buddies with my ex’s too!

  • xiM Clutch:

    Well anyway…. my boyfriend split up beside me about 10 several weeks ago. And That I was devistated. I had been so mounted on him, we loved one another and everything was going good. But he could not handle the length any longer.. so he made the decision to finish it.. Now he will his senior promenade having a girl (fine by using it).. on May tenth…

    But that is not what’s disturbing me.. it’s that he will request her out next.. they will be dating.. and that i can’t handle it..

    Essentially I have to understand how to overcome this kind of important 2 yrs of my existence. :( .. when we had not have split up.. this could have been our 3rd year together.. and that i believed that we would reconcile.. however i guess I had been wrong.. :(

  • Cliffy N:

    I had been heading out with my ex-boyfriend for 4-5 month, and that i still love him but he stated that he’s glad am out his existence but he still loves me, I will tell, help, I’m not sure how to proceed? I’d rather not seem adhering and despreate however i deeply love him and that i did simply tell him I would not return however i love him, I miss him a lot!!! HELP PLEASE

  • slipknot0129:

    I want my ex boyfriend back. But he has a new girlfriend, who is suppose to be my “friend”.. He doesn’t really want to be with me because we dated so many times in one year. And I get it, I feel the same. We always use to argue. Break up and make up.. He’s not ready to settle down yet, he’s a player. But i miss him. I tired to move on many times. But one day I came across one picture of us, I cried, because we’ll never have those feelings for each other again… HELP ME PLEASE :’(

  • Dom L:

    So about a year ago this girl got my boyfriend to split up with me, then we got back together a week later.

    well since he broke up with her, it obviously hurt her feelings. He feels he is responsible for her now.

    I started emailing her questions about their relationship and she said he was playing her. So I told him he had to stop talking to her or I would break up with him.

    That next morning I logged into his IM and they were talking. I got really upset, and he said he needed to do something before he quit talking to her. He says they don’t talk anymore, but how can I be sure? I don’t like logging onto his IM, but I did just now that he’s gone to sleep and some guy messaged him today. Meaning he has been online, don’t you think? I don’t know what other way to be sure. I mean he said he would quit IM thing completely, he has a new different one that this other girl isn’t on. He even told me he hated the other IM. So why is he still on it?

    What should I do? I mean he should have the right to talk on this IM to his other friends, but she is on it too. And supposedly she sends him messages even if he doesn’t reply. Really depressing ones too, that make him feel bad.

  • Miguel M:

    My ex-boyfriend and I dated for 7 months. We said “i love you” and were pretty serious about each other… well at least I was serious about him. Apparently he cheated on me 6 times with 6 different girls. Also, he chews tobacco. I think that is disgusting. I told him that I wouldn’t date him unless he quit. He told me that he quit, but then started up again and lied to me about it for 3 months. Now his roommate is telling me that he is smoking pot. He denies it, but I can’t tell if it is the truth. My ex says he still loves me and those other girls meant nothing to him. He keeps calilng me and asking me out on dates. I keep turning him down, but I’m starting to wonder if we could ever date again. If so, could I ever trust him again? Somebody, please tell me you’ve gone through something similar?

  • johnkaiser 22:

    My ex boyfriend n i r both seeing other people but the problem is that we both make way for each other at least twice a week. It is as if we are still in a committed relationship because we still fight and argue n make up. He still buys n helps me when i need help paying bills. I am 7 weeks pregnant wit his child and all he could think about is his girlfriend and how she feels bout the situation. I dont wanna lose my best friend but i dnt wanna have an abortion either. My boyfriend is extremely upset n think i was wrong for cheating. Two play along but it seems as if im the other one wrong in the situation. And also my ex and i have two different race, religion, and beliefs, so right now that is my biggest concern. What should I do?

  • Joey 01:

    Ok so around the time when me and my ex boyfriend was breaking up I met a guy but me and my ex boyfriend was still staying together but I was on my way to moving back with my sisters one day me and the guy I met witch he is now my current boyfriend decided to meet up and he suggest that he come to my place but I knew that that was a bad idea because me and my boyfriend was still living together but was not together so I just took him to me and my ex boyfriends friends houses and we chilled over there and had a nice night together he stayed the night with me and everything was cool. The next morning it was a knock at the door and we were still sleeping it kept getting louder and louder. We’re not the only people in the house so one of the friends had answered the door and it was my ex boyfriend I guess when he saw me and my new friend sleeping together on the couch he started punching on my guy and they started fighting by then everybody woke up and started helping break up the fight my new guy (my boyfriend) had just left and I’m still at the house dealing with my ex boyfriend madness he was so mad and pissed off but never said why and eventually ended up slapping me in the face and he took me to my sisters house and that’s when our relationship ended for good. That happened almost 2years ago and I think my current boyfriend is mad at me because he shows that emotion and I don’t like that hes mad because he acts like he don’t really wants to be with me or that he would no longer be interested and that makes me sad.

  • Stevalicious:

    i posted a few questions yesterday about me and my recently ex boyfriend. we talked today and hes more and more getting to b my friend like we were before. i miss him like crazy and hes all i think about. i heard its always possible to get and ex boyfriend back no matter what. i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get him back. we still like each other a lot but he thinks it cant work. i kno it can. so wat are some ways i can win him back. it doesnt matter if it takes a while…just as long as i get him back. i would appreciate detailed answers and please IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEAS DO NOT ANSWER. I DO NOT WANT ANSWERS SAYING IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE ECT. JUST GOOD ANSWERS PLZ=]

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