In my dream last night, I was talking to my grandmother. Probably because I had marriage on my mind, seeking as I was a son-in-law, I had gone back in time to when my grandmother had been married off at the age of fifteen to a man she did not know. I have some vague recollection of a figure with salt and pepper hair saying something indistinguishable, the only words clear being marriage and Facebook – sort of like marriage through Facebook. Could my grandmother actually have been talking of matchmaking in my dream? Naah! The dream was a hodgepodge of my own thoughts and dinner table conversation and nothing more.

But what if the conversation really happened? I permit my thoughts to wander to what if granny were alive. The dialogue would probably run something like this:

Me: Mini is 25…I have to find her a young man. She’s almost on the shelf.

Granny: No she’s not. She’s young and has her whole life in front of her. Don’t rush.

Me: Rush? I have to start looking.

Granny: Arre! These days that’s not your job…

Me (aghast): Granny!

Granny: Be sensible. You can’t push your opinion down your children’s throat these days. Matchmaking is not what it used to be. Involve her in the search for her own husband.

Me: Next you’ll be telling me to become her Facebook friend.

Granny: And what’s wrong with that? If she wants you to, why not? I am her friend, Facebook or not.

Me: But Facebook matchmaking?

Granny: There’s a difference between marry Facebook and marriage Facebook.

Me: Huh?

Granny: Offoh! I mean marriage through Facebook. Where there is an app that brings relevant information like work. education, interests, location, home town, relationship status, age, photos – all of which the person choses to share – from Facebook into the app

Me (disbelievingly): And how do you know all this?

Granny: Because I keep my eyes and ears open. You should be doing that. There’s a real generation gap here.

Me: You and Mini have a greater gap than you and I and you understand each other pretty well! What generation gap?

Granny: Between you and me, sweetie – you and me. Mini and I understand each other.

Me: What’s this got to do with Mini’s marriage?

Granny: She is the Facebook generation. Use it. Let her be part of the whole thing – it’s her life. She should get to know the man first. She should be able to decide.

Me: Will she then marry of her Facebook friends?

Granny: Don’t you understand simple things? And you being closer to this age than I am! The app takes profile information but friendship is permitted only once both sides have liked and mutually accepted each other.

Me: I’m scared for her.

Granny: I know. But I’m sure there are precautions that are taken. No person from the app can visit another’s profile. Mini will decide who she wants to explore as a prospect and no one else. She can bar you and me too.

Me (with a pang of jealousy): You she won’t.

Granny: That’s because I am learning to talk a language she understands. Can you imagine knowing and finding out for yourself before marrying someone? We didn’t know anything about the home I was going to or the man I was marrying except what someone told us. I was just lucky that your Granddad turned out fine for me.

Me: What are you saying?

Granny (with her typical frown of exasperation): Without mutual consent, even if Facebook friends sign up and are compatible they won’t be visible to each other. Friendship and sharing of details will happen only after she is satisfied if one is alright for her. I’m not exactly asking you to open her details to everybody out there. At least find out about this way of getting yourself a son-in-law.

I come back to earth with a start. Has my mind been replaying the dream? I smile to myself. I may not know what is the dream and what is reality but what my mind does know is Granny. Married off at fifteen, she was home schooled, a voracious reader, an accomplished singer who drove her own car. She completed her graduation after marriage and may have gone on to an MA except she chose to devote her life to her three children. And what an education – formal and informal – she gave them! Yes Granny, you love my Mini. And had you been around, you WOULD have been her Facebook friend and the two of you would have giggled like school girls at marry or marriage through Facebook – whatever little secret code you developed between yourselves!

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  • Terrence:

    So a few months ago I bought like 5 pairs of thongs, and I have been doing pretty well at hiding them from her. But the other day, my mom cleaned my room and I guess a couple pairs slipped into the wash. So today, my mom freaks out on me cuz she found 2 pairs of literally the most innocent looking thongs ever!

    And she doesn’t approve of them because they’re “sexual” because your whole butt is hanging out. But thats why pants were invented. Thongs are just a different type of underwear!!

    But she let me keep them because I told her I only wear them for cross country & track so there are no panty lines in my spandex.

    But im in high school and i”m 15!!!! I am old enough and responsible enough to decide what kind of freaking underwear I wanna wear!!! Am i right?? what do i say to my mom so that she will still let me go to the mall without her & stuff? cuz she said she’ll never let me go to the mall without her again! wtf!
    yeah i bought them with my own money. I don’t understand why she doesn’t think im old enough to wear them.

  • Roar me R:

    I dreamed of the relative that died after i would be a young girl, couple of days later i felt her presence beside me as with she almost was using me like a host i can not fully describe it since i am still unclear from it, and may hear her speaking in my experience within my mind, and may communicate via thought. I’m wondering if other people has already established an identical experience or could shed some light on what’s going on. Since she’s came, i’ve dreamed coupled with other encounters along with other relatives. I’m available to i only need more clearness on what’s going on lol

  • Joey 01:

    i’d an aspiration here you go: i walked in after school, I had been inside my grandmother house and my mother was a slave to speaking for an old friend from senior high school. I’d never met these folks, there is a mother two kids along with a boy. The boy would be a year older then me 16, the kids were 14 and 12. mother had me show the children round the farm however the women rapidly got bored and my buddy required it well towards the house there i was me and him alone, he checked out me and stated whenever you walked in Never imagined that people would possess a moment together, you’re hot. Privately I figured he was hot too (but I’ve got a boyfriend). Whenever we returned towards the house my mother stated that people would visit the supermarket and she or he needed either my buddy or another boy to visit so that they may help using the groceries, both of them went and for whatever reason me and also the guy remained within the vehicle. I checked out him, he was gorgeous dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes along with a amazing smile. He gradually began a discussion he stated he would start likely to school beside me and that i was excited since i understood none of my buddies would believe how gorgeous he was. He requested me what grade I had been in and that i discovered he only agreed to be one grade in front of me. We spoken for a while and that he gradually put his arm around me, I believed it was only a guy factor you realize like putting their arms being worn by chairs to become much more comfortable. I Quickly felt his hands gradually grab mine and slide his fingers between mine, he gradually and superbly smiled at me I wasn’t too concerned about it but thought I ought to simply tell him which i were built with a boyfriend and that he stated he was sorry and didn’t mean anything by using it and that he only agreed to be missing his old girlfriend he needed to leave, simply because they moved. Well I stated I had been sorry and requested him if he wanted a hug. We hugged and well my mother and brother found the vehicle, as we got home and unloaded the groceries he desired to take another walk and we did. He attempted to carry my hands once we were speaking and walking I told him once again I’ve got a boyfriend and I am uninterested but he continued and recommended I cheat on my small boyfriend, finally I told him I’m not interested and I’ve got a boyfriend I loved my boyfriend and I wasn’t likely to do anything whatsoever to cheat on him. He explained I possibly could be married but he’d be drawn to me since i am ” hot” and that he really supported love in the beginning sight. I told him which i was drawn to him however i did not believe that I possibly could break-track of my boyfriend to get along with him. I did not know him that well and that he was developing method to strong. Therefore we returned to the house so we returned in to the town. He met a woman and explained that they was cute and that he thought he want to meet her. I introduced them and that i thought they hit them back well and honestly I acquired jealous, real jealous. Whenever we returned to the house he hug assaulted me from behind and offered me a lengthy hug after which kissed my oral cavity and hugged me again. I had been kinda creeped out however i made the decision to consider him somewhere where we’re able to be alone and show him why we could not be together. I chewed him out, known as him rude and mean, I stated he had been switched lower by me and today he had been teasing along with other women. He checked out me smiled the smile that melted me and stated it labored then, I requested what he was speaking about and that he stated he only made it happen to create me jealous. He requested me after i reached see my boyfriend and just how lengthy we’d been together and that i stated once per week so we have been together for nearly 7 several weeks. He explained that people could be visiting the same school and that he would keep teasing beside me until I had been his. I stated whatever and that he described in my experience when i was together he explained he’d try everything he could to create me happy and stated he’d even want to meet my boyfriend to determine what he’s like. I stated which i would speak with my boyfriend and find out what he desired to do. I had been surprised as he requested another hug, I’m a embracing person and that i agreed, we hugged and well he wrapped his arms throughout my waist and mine round his neck (not thinking that certain through) he stated hey see that I elevated my mind and stated look observe that and that he pointed to some heart formed cloud and that he stated it had become an indication, I could not stay at home any longer by this time around I recognized I truly loved him and that he really was into me so we would see one another a great deal so perhaps I ought to give dating him a go. He stated what exactly are you considering I stated well I believed by what I would do about our situation he stated I can help you decide and accidently I checked out him and that i stated what exactly are you…he then leaned in and attempted to hug me I ended him as i still could and told him that people might be buddies however that was all and that i had feelings for him however i wasn’t departing my boyfriend for him… I Quickly awoke and recognized all this time around I used to be fantasizing about my men friend whole time is that this bad???

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